design Ecole Lesage

Ecole Lesage
In 2010 and 2011 I joined the famous Ecole Lesage in Paris. Ecole Lesage is founded by Francois Lesage, who’s aim is to prevent the art of manual embroidery for haute couture from expiring. People from all over the world come to Ecole Lesage to be trained in haute couture embroidery and passementerie techniques. I am very delighted and proud that I took this training, and am thankful for the financial help of the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.

A haute couture embroidery is made with such big dedication towards its design, it is build up in several layers, worked on for hours and hours. Every detail has its own expressive power and adds and extra depth to the work. The images that you see here are works that I made after designs by Lesage during the courses. Please respect the copyright on the designs and these photo's. Thank you.